Sugarbabes is launching the world’s first interactive model agency, this is to raise our models’ profiles, help them gain valuable experience from our in-house shoots, improve their chances of getting work, and exposing their profile to different facets of the industry. By applying, you agree to allow Sugarbabes Media Limited the rights to use your pictures and details within all content run by Sugarbabes Media Limited.

Thinking about applying?
If you’re inspired to BE A SUGARBABE, please email between three and five shots of good quality to

Please make sure to include your date of birth – as we only consider applications from ladies of 18 years and above. We will also need basic details to start with: hair colour and length, height, bust size and waist size.

These introductory shots do not need to be of professional standard for now. Just send in the visuals that you feel best represent you. Please include a clear Head shot, Head to Waist and/or Toe to Shoulders shot and a Full Length shot (In Swimwear or Underwear). Simps!

We at Sugarbabes truly look forward to receiving your application: as we are a fully, woman orientated and girl-powered crew of professionals, with our well known and fabulous Founder-Director, Photographer, Debbi Clark.

If we take you on as a Sugarbabe, you will be put forward for Client Assignment Requests: these are basically introductory castings or auditions to assess whether you fit a particular brief. There is a great track record of established Sugarbabes being picked on the strength of their photos and professional reputation alone. These assignments can range from fashion and glamour shoots to advertising campaigns, from editorial spreads to providing a visual presence at corporate parties, as well as towards work in TV and Film.

If you have what it takes to be a Sugarbabe, we will build up your portfolio: featuring you in one of our shoots with our superbly experienced, leading celebrity photographer Debbi Clark. This is an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

The great news for you, in keeping with our women powered status and close-knit crew is that we build up the images in your portfolio FREE OF CHARGE. We are here to support your career. We do not believe that any reputable or fully functioning agency should require any fees on top of a model’s committed time and presence.

As part of our commitment in being a leading UK based modelling agency, we additionally function as a media production company. Our crew produce unique Sugarbabes media content, featuring selected models in effective strategies to present their look creatively and dynamically to potential clients, which can include global advertising agencies, magazines, television/film production companies and fashion brands.